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Reporting and Dashboarding

Give meaning to your business data through story-telling reporting and interactive visualizations

  • How do you simplify complex data storytelling?

    Your organization comprises multiple key stakeholders who need to view and process vast amounts of data from different perspectives. Our team of data visualization experts works with your team to design compelling dashboards that build a digestible, relevant data story.  

  • Access beautifully designed dashboards to understand the performance of your organization’s KPIs

    Our experts work with you to customize dashboards to the goals of your organization, ensuring they are aligned with a measurement framework and set up for scheduled reports so you never miss a beat.

Connect with our team to discuss your data visualization needs.

Our dashboarding and data visualization services ensure:

Utilizing dashboards to craft strategic direction

Cardinal Path helped us step back and identify the business value we needed to see in an analytics dashboard. As a result, we can share data on early indicators of purchase intent and interest that ultimately enhances our customer experiences.
–Alex Pandelidis
Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist Hyundai Auto Canada Corp

The Ultimate Guide For Dashboarding + Dashboard Checklist

Dashboarding has changed the ways stakeholders approach data analysis to make decisions. Use this checklist to help you construct beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient dashboards.