A roundup!? On Tuesday!? For those who don’t know, Yesterday Canadians took a day off to celebrate the queen who we’ve come to associate with grotesque over-decoration, vampires and table socks. I was trying to get home from a place called Victoria, which in turn is known for tourism and short shorts. (oh, how times change). Thus, there was no Monday Roundup.

So now there is a Tuesday Roundup. After this, our regular schedule will continue as planned. This week we have video SEO, GA’s multiple custom variables, rich media magazines, and more…

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Excited by CSS3 and the @fontface tag, but unsure which fonts will look good? Font Dragr lets you test your fonts with a neat HTML 5 drag and drop interface. Needs HTML 5 and CSS3 compliance so old browsers need not apply.
  • Google, never one to miss a bandwagon, has announced their own App Store. The problem I see with this is that the whole idea of web apps was to challenge the pay-to-use license model, which this now supports.
  Web Analytics
  User Experience
  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • An unusual source for a roundup link hits our misc section this week: a Reddit post on how to modify your file headers in order to watch videos such as “The Daily Show” without the “this video is not available in Canada” message. It doesn’t work with Hulu sadly, but it certainly makes life easier.