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It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing about Google’s launch of new ad extension options on the search network.  Recent additions that allow you to enhance your search ads have included location, product, phone, and sitelink.  Utilizing these features can make your ads stand out among your competitors, such as the search ad for desktop computers below, and give your customers a more direct path to the best landing page for optimizing conversions.

Now Google is expanding further on Ad Extensions by launching detailed reporting in your AdWords Account with a new tab titled “Ad Extensions.”  The tab is available from the account level or the campaign level.  But keep in mind you will only see this new tab if you are using one or more of the ad extensions in your AdWords campaigns.

Select the Ad Extensions tab and then use the “view” drop down box to select which extension (location, phone, product or sitelink) you would want to view.  The data available includes, clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC, cost and average position.

You can also download, schedule or email the report right from within the tab. If you have been using Ad Extensions already or have been thinking about using them let us know your experiences by commenting here.


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