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A roundup!? On Tuesday!? For those who don’t know, Yesterday Canadians took a day off to celebrate the queen who we’ve come to associate with grotesque over-decoration, vampires and table socks. I was trying to get home from a place called Victoria, which in turn is known for tourism and short shorts. (oh, how times change). Thus, there was no Monday Roundup.

So now there is a Tuesday Roundup. After this, our regular schedule will continue as planned. This week we have video SEO, GA’s multiple custom variables, rich media magazines, and more…

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Huo Mah is back with the nuts and bolts of video SEO, explaining the ranking factors that go into promoting video content to search engines.
  • Next up, for the first time in HISTORY Google has explained how something of theirs works. Specifically they have explained how AdSense revenue share works.
  • Excited by CSS3 and the @fontface tag, but unsure which fonts will look good? Font Dragr lets you test your fonts with a neat HTML 5 drag and drop interface. Needs HTML 5 and CSS3 compliance so old browsers need not apply.
  • Google, never one to miss a bandwagon, has announced their own App Store. The problem I see with this is that the whole idea of web apps was to challenge the pay-to-use license model, which this now supports.
  Web Analytics
  • Google South East Asia has also put out a series of Google Analytics Master Class videos, which give some great advice for companies getting started with web analytics. Watch them.
  • E-nor likes multiple custom variables, and they show how to use them to tie together visitor information in some very cool ways.
  User Experience
  • Oli over at Unbounce has a great piece on the struggle that UX designers have when coming to landing page creation, and how the user focus can give way to business focus.
  • Over at Google I/O, Terry McDonnell of Sports Illustrated shows off their new ideas for combining magazine format and content with rich media applications.  While the concepts he shows off are pretty cool, I have to wonder whether it, well, misses the point. We’re talking two different mediums here, with two very different concept driving them. What SI seems to be creating isn’t a Sports Illustrated for the web world, but a Sports Illustrated+, a souped up version of the magazine.
  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • An unusual source for a roundup link hits our misc section this week: a Reddit post on how to modify your file headers in order to watch videos such as “The Daily Show” without the “this video is not available in Canada” message. It doesn’t work with Hulu sadly, but it certainly makes life easier.


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