Tuesdays @ 1 PM ET / 10 am PT

Live Google Ads Training Series

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that offers marketers a way to get in front of the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Join us for our free training series.
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Tuesdays @ 1 pm ET/10 am PT

Google Ads Series

Whether you’re a power-user looking to brush up on your skills or just getting started this series will help lay a strong foundation in search marketing and walk you through standing up a best-in-class search campaign.

    Free Google Marketing Stack Training Sessions

    A complimentary Google Ads training series delivered by Cardinal Path’s award-winning educators.

    Google Ads 101.1: Fundamentals of Google Ads

    Now Available On-Demand

    Lay the groundwork for your knowledge of search marketing and a better understanding of the search process for Google Ads.


    Google Ads 101.2: Google Ads Best Practices

    Now Available On-Demand

    Advertising in Google Ads consists of four key elements: campaign settings, ad groups, ads, and keywords – understand how these work and learn to apply techniques that will ladder up to your business goals.

    Google Ads 101.3: Building Search Campaigns in Google Ads

    Now Available On-Demand

    Learn how to set up your very own search campaign in Google Ads with this step-by-step guide to search advertising with Google.

    Google Ads 201.1: Fundamentals of Display Advertising

    Now Available On-Demand

    Display marketing with Google Ads helps your brand get in front of customers and stay top of mind for when they are ready to convert.

    Google Ads 201.2 - Building Display Campaigns in Google Ads

    Now Available On-Demand

    A real-time guide to creating and customizing Google Display campaigns that place your engaging content in front of your target audience.

    Google Ads 201.3: Campaign Reporting and Optimizations

    Now Available On-Demand

    Level-up your campaigns in Google Ads by drilling into the reports available and leveraging those insights to make optimizations.

    Patrick Soch
    Manager, Implementation, Cardinal Path

    Patrick Soch is a veteran digital marketer with considerable experience in online travel, consumer goods, and e-commerce. An analytics power user, he helps clients translate business objectives into KPIs that provide actionable data across enterprises.


    Amber Zhou, Staff Consultant, Analysis & Insights, Cardinal Path

    As a staff consultant at Cardinal Path, Amber focuses on media reporting, website analytics, and conversion rate optimization tests. Her experience includes managing and optimizing multi-language SEM accounts (Google, Bing, Naver, Baidu, Yahoo JP and Yandex) for global clients and fortune 100 organizations.

    Clayton Mitchell, Sr Consultant, Analysis & Insights, Cardinal Path

    Drawing from his background in marketing research methodologies, Clayton helps enterprises stand up data-informed approaches to their marketing. Clayton is a leading voice in data privacy, helping marketers to navigate this new reality while balancing both customer experience and business goals.