Google Ads 101.2: Google Ads Best Practices

Learn best practices for keyword, bidding strategies, and create effective text ads to engage your targeted audience searching on Google.
Access on-demand

Access on-demand

Advertising in Google Ads consists of four key elements: campaign settings, ad groups, ads, and keywords. To be successful, you need a solid understanding of how each of these works together and the best practices that drive success.

Instructor Amber Zhou dives into the four elements that make up a search campaign in Google Ads and highlights tips and tricks to get more customers and achieve your business goals.

Topics include:

  • Exploring Google Ads account structure
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Keyword best practices
  • The anatomy of a text ad

This session is the second in a three-part training series that will teach you how Google Ads can help you get more customers and achieve your business goals. Be sure to register for part one: Fundamentals of Google Ads, and part three: Building Search Campaigns in Google Ads.

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    Amber Zhou

    Amber Zhou

    Staff Consultant, Analysis and Insights
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