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If like many companies, you report value as page view volume, visit volume, social likes or tweets, then your boss is most likely to say: “so what?” (and if she or he doesn’t, s/he should.) For example, there’s no way to tell whether an increase of time spent on site is confusion or engagement (but this is a topic for another post.)

If you are lucky, s/he will grudgingly renew your budget for another season on the simple idea that digital marketing is not going away any time soon. But there is so much more you could be doing with essentially the same data!

Welcome to the miracle of audience segmentation. Yes, it is true that there are actually groups of people with similar goals who come to your sites, mobile apps and interact with you in the social sphere. But when your digital marketing metrics are reported as “most popular blog post” or “most liked page” or even “most popular video,” even though it sounds like valuable information about what people are doing it’s really not.

What matters is the discrete audience groups behind those KPIs and to find them you have to separate the signal from the noise.

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