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It’s Valentine’s day, and in celebration we have a roundup coloured… no, actually I’m not changing the colour of the roundup. That’s waaay too cheesy. But we do have a packed roundup this week, with a number of links to (very) loosely Valentine related articles, such as “who likes what (in social media)”, “celebrating (analytics) relationships” and “the psychology of color (and how you can use this to manipulate people)”.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • I pray to Venus that the NYT doesn’t pay wall this. last week they published a scathing  review of J.C. Penny’s SEO. Yes, NYT did an SEO review of J.C. Penny. Their review?J.C. Penny has been using linkspam and buying low quality links to boost their rankings for HUGE keywords (home decor, skinny jeans, etc.). Google’s search quality department responded with “what did the four finger’s say to the face?” and now J.C. is out of the rankings.
  • Just in time for Valentine’s day: who likes what (social media). Did you know that the largest age segment on Facebook is 45-54? Not that those people are actually using Facebook (I’m willing to bet that the tiny 18-24 segment produces far more page views than the comparatively huge 45-54).
  Web Analytics
  • Sparksheet has a pretty cool addition to your Web Analytics know how: looking at data on “digital consumers” (am I the only one who hates that term?) they note 6 “types” (not sure how these different from Personas… maybe they don’t?) and how to target them.
  • And in time for Valentine’s day, Analytics Talk has celebrating out (analytics) relationships, looking at how we relate data to business, and thus how we interpret our data.
  User Experience
  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • You are not so smart has an article on deindividualization, or how people can get caught up in groups and do things that would otherwise go against their moral compass.
  • Next up: the Zeigarnik Effect. (Yes, I’m including this just for the awesome name) In short, this is our love of cliffhangers, and how we want to continue doing things once they’ve started.


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