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So Facebook has updated Pages (company pages, etc.). You may notice the option popping up to upgrade and/or preview. The major change is aesthetic, unifying the pages interface with the new profiles design. Now navigation is all on the left, info at the top, along with photos.

When you click over to your page you’ll now notice this box prompting you to upgrade or take a tour. Do the latter first, if you want.

New setting include:

Country Specific visibility settings

I actually don’t know how new this is, but I hadn’t seen it before. This allows you to block visitors from specific countries from visiting your page. This will also block logged out visitors or users from seeing your page.

Picture Reset

You can prevent photos from showing up on your wall by mousing over them and clicking the ‘X’.


If you’ve removed images and want them back, you can click to “profile picture” and unhide all.

Featured (Likes/Owners)

You can feature specific pages, posts, etc. by “like”ing them, then selecting them. Featured owners just show up as “page owner” under your pages “likes”.

Use Facebook as [Page]

This is one of the coolest new features for Facebook pages. Pages are now, essentially, profiles. This means that you can surf Facebook and do the normal Facebook actions (like, comment, etc.) as your Facebook page.


When done, just hit account and switch back.

There you have it, the newsest changes to Facebook pages. Everything else should be pretty much the same. (and you’ll hear from us if it isnt) Overall it’s not as huge a change as it seems, but it nicely unifies the Page/Profile design scheme.


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