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Are you looking to get the biggest impact out of your Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick platforms? Download our new whitepaper for insights that will help you integrate DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager directly with your Google Analytics 360 property. Learn how to leverage these new data insights and how to turn user behaviors from GA360 into audiences for highly targeted campaigns in Doubleclick. This whitepaper covers the following:

  • Steps for integrating Doubleclick DCM & DBM with GA360
  • How to access DoubleClick clickthrough and impression data within GA360
  • How to use GA360 data to fuel highly targeted audiences for DoubleClick
  • Customizing GA360 channel reporting for DoubleClick Awareness, Prospecting, and Remarketing campaigns
  • Using Google Tag Manager to effectively serve your DoubleClick Floodlight tags

Download the Whitepaper


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing Analytics examines the marketing technology that supports the world's most successful enterprises and highlights the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal..