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Q: Is an A/B test an A combination, B combination and the original, or is one of the options the original (so you are only testing two scenarios)?

A: Using website optimizer you can test a new version of a page (B) against the original version of the page (A) or you can test many versions of a page A/B/C/D…

Q: Is it necessary to use three panels for testing or can you do an A&B test?

A: You can do a simple website optimizer A/B test if you want, there is no need to use three panels.

Q: How long do you do the A/B testing for a given page?

A: Website optimizer will declare a winner for you once one of the versions significantly outperforms the other versions. If you are running an A/B/C/D test, it is possible to have more then one version be declared a winner. A good rule of thumb: let the test run until you get at least 100 conversions on each of the versions.

Q: How do you randomly assign the web pages?
Q: how would you drive traffic to two different versions of that landing page?
Q: How do you implement the randomization of the different landing pages?

A: The randomization is all done by the website optimizer tool on Google’s end. You add some java script to your page, and then Google will do the rest. If for any reason the script fails, Google will serve up the original page to the visitor – so there is no risk of locked up pages.


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