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Does your website's bottom line need lift?
It's not as hard as you think – Start testing with Google Website Optimizer it's a free tool.

Here's how you impress your boss and co-workers – I'm not kidding you can look like a real rock star in less then 2 weeks.

  1. Pick a website page that will impact your bosses bottom line (your lead gen or top selling product page).
  2. Make sure what ever page it is, it gets lots of traffic.
  3. Break out these 3 sections on the page
    1. Headline
    2. Image/Body
    3. Call to action
  4. Make dramatic changes to the 3 sections (not necessarily format, but content)
  5. Make the next page in your funnel the test conversion page.

CLICK LAUNCH then sit back and look good

If you need help cooking up some good ideas for your test recipe, or you need help running the tests, you can still look like a rock star by bringing in some experts.
VKI Studios is a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Partner and our Certified Usability Experts can tell you what you should test. There is no guess work left, everything is mathematical and ROI driven. Life is short, get a promotion today.