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Q: How can you ensure that the same visitor sees the same page on every visit?

A: When a visitor lands on a GWO test page, Google drops a cookie. Now Google can identify that visitor by the cookie and will automatically publish the same version of the page each time the visitor lands on the test page. This way the test is seamless to the visitor – they won’t even know they are participating in your test.

Q: Does GWO indicate when you have statistically significant results and can confidently declare a winner?

A: Yes GWO will declare a winner when there is significant data. This will only happen if there is a winner – if your test pages are very similar the conversion rates will be too. IE there may never be a significant winner no matter how much traffic you put through. So make sure you test big meaningful things.

Q: Is there a limit/max volume the optimizer tool can handle? Some pages get significant volumes

A: Google has put a lot of resources into the product because they want you to feel comfortable running test on very high volume pages. And if the Google code does fail, their system will automatically default back to the original page, so there is very little risk.