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Websites are not just text. As they become more complicated, taking on many of the same features as traditional software, we must think differently about the design process.
This webinar is an overview of the five ‘planes’ of the user design process: Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton, and Surface, including:

  • Why strategy should always be first.
  • How each plane is contingent on the next.
  • Why strategy should always be first.
  • What goes into scope, structure, skeleton and surface (with visual examples throughout).

About Mike Jones

The craft of story-telling in digital spaces calls for a special kind of design: user experience design. For the past eight years Mike has been creating delightful user experiences that also make business-sense for his clients. As a usability and interface designer for Cardinal Path, Mike provides his art-meets-business expertise to our clients’ data, creating experiences that convince and convert.


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