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HFI’s latest animated video, “6 Steps to Persuasive Design”, is their best yet.

In this compelling 5½ minute animation, HFI’s CEO Dr Eric Schaffer neatly lays out the six major steps to creating an effective and persuasive website experience, one that engages visitors on an emotional level and makes them want to act.

I think the biggest takeaways are:

  • It’s a user-centered process. A critical early step is to interview a large number of customers to uncover what goes on inside their heads — their blocks and drivers, feelings and beliefs. Then, figure out which ones matter most: the big, strong issues that determine success.
  • The trickiest parts of the entire process are identifying an over-arching theme, then developing a compelling frame and meme to support it. This is the central part of the entire effort. (In fact, it can be your core, company-wide value proposition.)

In sum, it’s NOT just a question of “piling on” persuasion tactics. Throwing your entire persuasion toolbox at a project will likely just result in persuasion clutter.

Rather, it’s a matter of strategically selecting the best tools for the project: emotional triggers that align with your theme, frame and meme.

Truly an excellent video; a must-see for anyone interested in online persuasion. Check it out: