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As Google Analytics incorporates more user-centric reporting features and serves increasingly as an engine for targeted, customized, user-centric remarketing, Dan Stone – lead product manager for user-centric analysis and audience marketing at Google Analytics – joins us to provide key insights and recent/upcoming updates on the increasing range of remarketing capabilities and user-centered reporting features that Google Analytics offers, including:

  • multi-destination support: ability to publish audiences to multiple destinations such as AdWords and Optimize 360
  • Audience as a primary dimension: for those of us who have wanted to display multple Custom Segments in table format, the Audience dimension is an exciting new feature
  • remarketing based on your back-end data: remarket based on (anonymous) back-end customer data, such as loyalty level, that you have included as a custom dimension in Google Analytics
  • dynamic remarketing creatives: instead of displaying the same remarketing ads to a give audience, dynamic remarketing allows us to customize the images and messaging according to specific products and services that the user has seen
  • audiences based on funnel abandonment: easily create a remarketing audience based on a drop-off point in an Ecommerce or custom funnel
  • state-based remarketing: configure your remarekting audiences to permanently exclude, for example, users who have converted, or allow remarketing to resume when those users return to view additional product pages after conversion
  • RLSA, AdWords, DoubleClick: take advantage of remarketing opportunities on Google platforms beyond the Google Display Network
  • remarketing for customer follow-up: expand the use of remarketing to not only bring users back to convert, but also to provide additional resources and follow-up for users who have already converted
  • audiences for personalization: use Google Analytics audiences in Optimize 360 to create personalized experiences for your users
  • Similar Audiences: find additional users who are most similar in behavior and characteristics to users who have already converted
  • Session Quality: upcoming report displaying the quality of your traffic in terms of likeliness to convert

View this informative half-hour session, including update demos from Dan:
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