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We are happy to announce that E-Nor has been nominated for the 2019 Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Quanties in not one, but TWO categories! The DAA is a global thought-leader within the industry that strives to help organizations facing the challenges of data-acquisition and application. We’ve been a proud corporate member of the association for many years and have benefited greatly from their partnership, so it’s a great honor to be nominated.

Top Consultant, Individual Nomination

Our Digital Analytics Consultant, Caitlin McCluskey-Fitch, has been nominated for the individual category of Top Consultant. Known as “THE CAITLIN” at E-Nor, Caitlin is a technically-adept and client-facing Digital Analytics Consultant. Caitlin is very involved in the industry, writing several blog posts/whitepapers, and is also a chapter lead of DAA in Denver, CO. Caitlin’s responsibilities range from identifying business requirements, development of comprehensive solutions documents, data analysis and visualization with tools like Google Analytics, GA Advanced Analysis, Google Data Studio, and T.

Top Agency Nomination

The second nomination is in the group category of Top Agency for E-Nor, Inc. A great and heartfelt thank you to all the customers, community and team members. Our teams collective consulting expertise has allowed recognized brands, from Fortune 25 to start ups, to become more data-driven. We have delivered strategies, implementations, consulting and training to help companies leverage their data for making insightful marketing decisions over the years. We’ve also contributed to the industry with blog posts and articles, providing the latest strategies and developments in the art and the science of digital analytics.

How to Vote

Voting is open to DAA Members from August 21 to August 30, 2019. To cast your vote, log in to the Quanties portal with your DAA member credentials and click the “Quanties Voting” box, then select the category in which you’d like to vote. You may cast one vote per category.

We are very pleased that our hard work and devotion has allowed us to reach thus far. If you are a DAA Member, please vote for us!


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