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Gauge 2011 is coming up on the 17th and 18th of March, and VKI Studios is presenting on a number of topics, from API features to website optimization. If you’re at the conference come to one of our talks, then drop by and say hi.

At 10:30

API Basics

What is it, how it works, and the awesome things you can do with it

Leaders: Dave Eckman, Nick Mihailovski

Website Optimization

Case studies and practical how-to on integrating with Website Optimization Tools like Website Optimizer, Test & Target, and Optimizely.

Leaders: Dave Booth, John Hossack

Then later at 1:15

API Advanced + Q&A

Discuss advanced API development, apps, and Q&A with API developers

Leaders: Dave Eckman, Nick Mihailovski

More Than the Clickstream

Google Analytics is awesome, but let’s face it – GA doesn’t do everything. This session will delve into tools that complement clickstream data provided by Google Analytics.

Leaders: Corey Koberg, John Hossack

For more information see the gauge 2011 agenda


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