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While writing our next newsletter—a summation of our advanced Google Analytics tips and tricks—I came across Wordle. The premise of Wordle is pretty simple, it looks at your RSS feed and does some voodoo to decide what words you’re using the most. Not sure if it gives precedence to H tags or anything SEO related (I doubt it) but it’s kinda fun. Here’s what it gave us:

The neat thing about it is that it lets you input your own list of keywords. THIS I found interesting. So off I went to gather our first 3000 keywords from Google Analytics, a painful 500 at a time, and drop them into Wordle. The result?


Now I should note that this isn’t actually that indicative of our keyword list. For one, it’s an export of each keyword/phrase, so even though loads of people find us through “vki studios” this only counts as a single instance of that keyword, while one person coming from “Google Analytics Tricks” and another from “Google Analytics tracking” will count as two instances.

Still, kinda funny.


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