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Is it only the 11th? It feels like I’ve been back for a month. This week we’re running around like headless chickens trying to get everything together for our new set of training sessions. Meanwhile if you’re in Vancouver tonight check out John Hossacks talk on the contrast principle.

This week a plethora of stories including regulating duplicate content, design of placebo’s, and privacy effects of social media.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • There is a very good chance that you have, or have had, duplicate content problems. Our SEO Mistakes series has shown, time and again, that one of the most common SEO issues affecting companies both small and large are duplicate content issues. Fortunately, this week Huo Mah released a post on detecting and dealing with duplicate content. He suggests a variety of tools including copyscape, plagarism tools, and straight out Google search.
  • Some SEO kungfu this week from Search Engine Journal. They show how you can use the SEMTools Firefox extension to extract links from a page based on their


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing Analytics examines the marketing technology that supports the world's most successful enterprises and highlights the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal..