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The Visitor Benchmark report allows you to see how your site is doing compared to other sites in the same category as you. In order for this feature of Google Analytics to work at its best site owners need to opt in to share their data. But don’t worry; the data is a collective of all sites that opt in. Your personal site data will not be viewable by anyone else.

Navigate to this report from the menu on the left.

The default view shows you several metrics compared to all sites of a similar size.


To make more specific comparisons open the category list and compare your metrics against sites in your same category by selecting the category that matches your business and clicking the “select category” button.



Comparing your data against others in your category and similar sites can help you understand it better and even gain some insights. But remember the benchmarking data is only as good as the number of people sharing their data. The more that share the better the data becomes.

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