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A new Urchin Software release is out. It is a point release and is called version 6.601. Here is a list of the fixes:

Roll-up Reporting

  • In Urchin 6.600, attempting to log in to an account with a large amount of data often resulted in the following error: Session Error – unable to call default routine. (2002) Please login again.This error occurred due to slow performance in calculating roll-up reports. In Urchin 6.601, the performance of the Urchin roll-up report data extraction has been significantly improved.
  • The default view has been changed from ‘Month’ to ‘Day’. This was done to improve the performance on installations with a large number of data-heavy profiles.
  • The “Completed Goals” calculation logic has been corrected to report the total number of goal conversions. (Previously only one conversion per defined goal was reported, so Completed Goals would only show values from 0 through 4.)

User access to AdWords Tools

  • A new ‘Access to CPC Sources’ setting has been introduced on a per-user basis. By default, only Super Admin has AdWords tools enabled. For all other users, this access must be explicitly granted via this new setting.

Copy Campaign Tool

  • The Copy Campaign Tool has been disabled due to legal issues. It may be reintroduced at a later date.

Support for

  • Support for the new search engine has been added.

Master tracking codes with CPC sources

  • Profile filters are now applied to CPC sources.

Special characters in CPC source passwords

  • Certain special characters were not allowed in CPC source passwords. This has been fixed and certain special characters are now allowed.


  • Regular license re-set and reactivation were required after upgrade to 6.600 on Linux and FreeBSD. This has been fixed and reactivation is no longer required.


  • In certain cases, when migration of the reporting databases from Urchin 5 to Urchin 6 crashed or was interrupted, subsequent attempts to resume failed with “WARNING: (8010-577-1192) Database file is the wrong size – run sanitizer”. This issue has been fixed.

Enable all Regions

  • All regions have been enabled.
  • IMPORTANT: If urchin 6.601 is used to upgrade from the international version (Urchin 6.501 or 6.402), the language settings for all users will be switched to English, while preserving other regional settings.

The geo database has been updated.

Here is a link to download Urchin. If you have any questions on Urchin and you need any technical support for Urchin, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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