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Urchin 6.6 has just been rolled out and you will want to get your hands on it right away! Although this is a point release (from 6.5 to 6.6), the Urchin 6.6 feature list is quite impressive. The folks at Google must have been burning the midnight oil to get these many features packed up in this one release. 🙂 Here are the highlights:

  • Deep, deep, deep integration with Google AdWords
  • Data Export API
  • External Authentication (LDAP)
  • Auto CPC cost data import from Yahoo
  • A number of Admin, Log Processing, Security and Utilities bug fixes and enhancements

If the above has piqued your interest, then read more below. 🙂

Urchin Integration with AdWords

  • Budget Alerts: Notification when AdWords campaign budget is about to expire.
  • Keyword Generation Tool: Addition of the Keyword Generation tool in Urchin, add & delete keywords in your AdWords campaigns.
  • Direct Access to AdWords: Skip the AdWords login process, directly link from Urchin to AdWords after proper set up, save time.
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Import cost data simply from AdWords with this new feature which inserts a dynamic keyword insertion tag {keyword} in ad destination URLs.
  • AdWords Optimizer: Optimize AdWords campaigns in Urchin & those changes are automatically applied in AdWords.
  • Copy Campaign Tool: Copy campaigns from other ad networks into AdWords.

New Urchin Metrics & Reports

  • Performance Comparison: Compare & Analyze campaign performance from all sources & mediums.
  • Time on Site: Dig into customer engagement with visitor time on site information.
  • Campaign & Keyword Views: Reports display paid campaign & keyword data.

Urchin API

  • Export your data from Urchin and run your own application. Protocols supported: SOAP 1.x & REST

Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Demo license change. Profiles & log sources now have a limit of 5 each. No other limits have been implemented.

Go to our Urchin sofware page to download the new Urchin files. For additional information about Urchin, contact one of our experts.

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