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E3 is over and WWDC is starting. SMX is over and the CMA conference is on its way. My god its like everyone wants to be inside on these gorgeous summer days!

More on Bing this week, and its struggle with Yahoo over search engine scraps left by Google. We also have a history of social media, SEO problems with “dangling web pages”, how to become a Google Analytics Power User, and how media is changing. What a week.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • We start the week with a site new to the Monday Roundup, the self proclaimed Social Media Rockstar and his history of social media. I can’t help but cheer this one on because it’s stating something important: that social media didn’t start in the year 2k. Honestly it doesn’t go back far enough (Hellooooo where is my HAM radio?) but at least it recognizes the phreakers, and file sharing, and old school webchat.It could also use a mention of the fact that the original web browsers were meant to be web editors as well, but hey no one is perfect.
  • Next up we have Barry Welford on how hanging / dangling web pages can be pagerank black holes. This follows on the chatter about nofollow and javascript links being ignored by Google, and discusses alternate ways to keep your page rank from flowing away. I have to ask though, isnt the point of this change in rank to allow Google to better determine what people are interested in seeing, as opposed to allowing webmasters (who might not have their users best interests at heart) from direct what is considered relevant?Oh god I can see our SEO team coming across the room with baseball bats. Time to hide.


 Web Analytics
  • We’ve released The Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide. “Wait,” you cry, ” that’s cheating! You can’t post your own link!” Well yes I can, and I’m gonna because, well, its worth it. If our visitor count is anything to say about it its definitely worth it, given that over the classically dead weekend it racked up twice as much as the rest of the week combined.
  • event tracking is now available in all GA accounts. Kinda cool to see.

 Web Usability
  • Webdesignerdepot, a site that I am really coming to enjoy, recently put up 10 Tips to Create a More Usable Web. While I don’t normally like top 10 lists, this one actually says some stuff that’s not in every other 10 usability list, making it worth at least skimming over.
  • Good ol’ UXMatters, this (last) week they have (had) a guide to providing focus for web applications.

 Miscellaneous links of the week:

  • I normally cite these guys on usability, but this time its for 5 Useful Uses for Wolfram Alpha. (God I love that title) He provides a bunch of awesome ways to use Wolfram|Alpha, including as a calorie calculator and a tool for finding complementary colors.
  • I’ll end this roundup with one of my favorites this week: When The Media Is The Message, an interview with Mitch Joel. They cover definitions of media, whats happening with media ownership and how media is changing.


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