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Google has just released version 6.602 of their Urchin Software product. Version 6.602 contains one major new feature, along with several small improvements and bug fixes. The major new feature in this version is multi-language capability. Now our friends from Germany, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and other regions can have localized instances of Urchin. Very cool 🙂

Here is a quick overview of the features included in this release:

  • Switch between supported languages (total of 10)
  • Added SSL/TLS protocol support to External Authentication (LDAP)
  • The Urchin “Home” page (sometimes called the Roll-up Report) now displays metrics for all profiles visible to the logged in user. Data can be shown in 3 views: Basic, Business, and Admin.
  • Easier one-click installation: New one-click installation which also sets up the included postgresql database server at the same time! This reduces much of the setup time, since the database server no longer has to be setup and configured. The user can still opt to use existing database servers if desired.
  • Optimized GeoDB. You can now select between a full GeoDB or a lighweight GeoDB providing metro information up to the country level only. This significantly reduces the memory footprint.
  • The zip utility has been updated to work with data files > 2 Gb.
  • New UI tweaks have been made on the Marketing Summary report so that the user can sort metrics sources, keywords, and campaigns by their appropriate metrics.
  • Remote log file downloading. A new configurable parameter for remote log download timeout has been added to urchin.conf.

In addition, many bug fixes in the areas of log processing, licensing, migration, and embedded help were included in this release.

Important notes:

  • Urchin 6.6xx no longer supports the MySQL 4.x.x. database. If you are using this version of MySQL, you’ll need to upgrade to 5.03+.
  • FreeBSD 5.x platform has been deprecated.

That’s a lot of new stuff for a point release upgrade 🙂  This new version has currently only been released to Urchin Resellers.  If you would like a trial copy, please contact us, or you can download version (the current version) here.


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