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This is a quick note that I have finished an update to the Greasemonkey (?) script, cleanerGAProfileSwitching v1.1.0, that I wrote to help anyone, using Google Analytics (?), to switch between their profiles.


Six Google Ananyltics Settings: 'Segment By', Number of Rows, Tab Selected, View Selected, 'Graph By', and the Date Range.

This is a picture of the six settings which cleanerGAProfileSwitching now takes into account.

The update encapsulates some of the main report settings that can found within the Google Analytics report pages, there are many more settings to these reports, but these were the six (in picture above) that I wanted to cross off of the list first. The other update I wanted to mention was that Brian K, here at the VKI Studios, realized that it would also be handy to use this script on the profile settings page, to swtich between profile settings, or to lay them out beside each other, so this has been added to the script in this update as well.

Well that is the update, I hope you enjoy, if you would like to follow any minor updates check out the Userscripts page.