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BigQuery is the key to unlocking business potential within humongous data sets. It’s lightning-fast, in the cloud, and pretty simple to use. BigQuery gives you the ability to:

  • Query billions of rows in seconds

  • Use a SQL-style query syntax

  • Access data through an API

In this session you’ll get a solid overview of the tool and hear about some cutting-edge applications including:

  • Using BigQuery to do online/offline attribution
  • Analyzing online data & do path analysis for data coming from Google Analytics
  • Building scalable dashboards and analyzing query results using visualization libraries such as Google Charts Tools API
  • Forecasting for product sales, costs, and ROI
  • Access BigQuery from a variety of channels depending on your level of technical expertise & need for interactivity

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Nathaniel Payne, Cardinal Path
Nathaniel Payne
Senior Data Architect
Cardinal Path

Nathaniel is a technology architect, software developer, marketer, and statistician with over 9 years of analytics & product development experience. In his current role, Nathaniel is responsible for leading the consolidation and development of a single technology stack at Cardinal Path; a stack which integrates the big data capabilities required by Cardinal Path’s clients. He also leads advanced analytics implementations and develops scalable analytics methodologies & infrastructure for some of the world’s leading brands. Currently, he is a researcher and graduate student in the department of Statistics at Simon Fraser University and studies in the Masters of Science program in Computer Science at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Corey Koberg, Cardinal Path
Corey Koberg
Co-founder, Senior Partner
Cardinal Path

A principal consultant and frequent speaker in the field search engine and online marketing, Corey is also the author of Google Analytics Essential Training (, 2010) and served as a technical editor of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (Wiley, 2010). Having held positions with Intel, Compaq, and Qualcomm, he has been instrumental in helping some of the world’s leading organizations find and employ a scientific, results-oriented, professional approach to web analytics and search marketing. Corey holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.


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