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At Cardinal Path, our purpose is to share knowledge in order to empower people to make confident decisions. We’re making the sharing of our Digital Marketing and Intelligence knowledge even easier with the release of our new online courses.

Cardinal Path’s online courses will offer hands-on training and the opportunity to get your questions answered. All of our trainers are not only certified instructors, but also practitioners with years of experience.

There are currently five courses available for registration, with more rolling out in the next few months. Below is an outline of the current course offerings:

Google AdWords 101 Refresher

Google AdWords 101 is the training class that will establish all the necessary AdWords fundamentals to build successful advertising campaigns. Discover how to find keywords, write ads, and set up goals to track the success of your AdWords campaigns.

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Google Analytics 101 Refresher

Are you new to Google Analytics? Or just want to understand the platform better? Analytics 101 is ideal for beginners and some intermediate users. You will receive a hands-on, real world experience of Google Analytics including an overview of strategy and the platform.

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The refresher courses are perfect for people who have already attended an in-person training and want to brush up on the material or for people who do not have the time, yet, to commit to a full day or week of training and want to begin their path marketing smarter

Introduction to Bing Ads

By utilizing the Bing Ads network, you have access to 158 million unique searchers in the US. This makes up 29% share of the current search marketing landscape. With cheaper cost-per-clicks that can be 34-77% of AdWords CPCs, Bing Ads provides advertisers the opportunity to expand their reach and improve return.

This course will provide a solid foundation for advertisers looking to get started with the Bing Ads platform. We’ll cover account structure, creating and importing campaigns, and Bing reporting insights to optimize performance.

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Master Class: Google Shopping Campaigns

Shoppers continue to increase their engagement with Product Listing Ads, with an increase in CTR of 6% over the last year. At the end of August, Google will be changing the way advertisers manage Product Listing Ads with the release of their new Shopping Campaigns.

Whether you have been running PLAs for awhile and want to learn more about the transition, or are looking to create your first Shopping campaign, this class is for you. This course will cover everything from the basics of PLAs and Google Shopping, to data feed optimization, to strategy and best practices for creating and managing Shopping Campaigns. This class is a must for all e-commerce businesses to maximize the value of their products ads.

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Master Class: Google Tag Manager & Universal Analytics

This course is a multi-session hands-on workshop to gain practical insights into Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM). Learn how these two tools work together seamlessly to improve the deployment and management of UA implementation. This is a master class that is a crash-course in the tips, techniques and secrets of these tools, their benefits and their synergies.

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If you have any questions about our online courses, please contact us at


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