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Organizations that want to go beyond analyzing and learning from their data and into putting their data to action are progressing from traditional A/B testing into personalization of their marketing content. While “personalization” can sound intimidating to marketers because it may bring to mind creating one-to-one experiences for everyone who interacts with a brand, it’s actually about creating unique experiences for segments of people that are relatively easy to define.

On a recent landing page optimization podcast I discussed making the jump to personalization with host Tim Ash.  We touched on questions like where does personalization fit in the marketing technology stack, how to identify segments that are underperforming, what to explore before making a financial commitment to personalization, what to watch out for when you don’t want to be too “creepy” with your personalized content, and of course how to measure the impact of personalization.

Listen to the full 30-minute podcast.


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing Analytics examines the marketing technology that supports the world's most successful enterprises and highlights the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal..