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Happy 2019! As we kick off 2019, we asked our VP of People Ops, Tina Petrigni, to reflect on the E-Nor journey, at a foundational level. We’ll get to some cutting edge analytics and marketing optimizing posts shortly, but for now, let’s hear from Tina! This is important for E-Norians, veterans and newcomers (and yes, we’re growing and hiring!).

My favorite E-Nor trivia question to ask during our annual employee summit is “When was E-Nor incorporated”? Our State of California Articles of Incorporation were stamped in 2002 (secret’s out now!). E-Nor’s official launch in 2003 emerged when the entrepreneurial seeds planted began to sprout. Seventeen years later, we could not have imagined the amazing growth and transformation of a then small web design firm into a global Google Marketing Platform partner and trusted advisor for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Cofounded by Feras Alhlou and Shiraz Asif, each brought with them a deeply rooted set of family and societal values that established the unshakable foundation for E-Nor’s conscious leadership. The energy of each leader individually unique and strong when combined was like observing yin and yang in motion, constantly changing, dynamic – one aiming for the stars, the other keeping his feet on the ground. And there was that natural friction that arises between founders who challenge and complement one another, at the same time :). Now, E-Nor’s leadership team guides us through the one constant we can count on – change! There has never been a dull moment at E-Nor!

As an engaged leader at E-Nor, I rely on that foundational holistic-approach to leadership, because our founders care, because we care as an organization because I care. I refer to this as the humanistic substratum, comprised of the living, breathing, ever-evolving, people – our E-Norians, our families, clients, industry partners, our communities and our world. The inspiration arose recently to create this conscious leadership blog series. Why? Because we are:

  1. Aware conscious leadership makes all the difference for us
  2. Constantly reminded how much conscious leadership is needed
  3. Deeply grateful to be part of an organization who sets a high standard, models and leads by example
  4. Committed to continually enhancing and expanding our E-Nor leadership skills as we learn and grow together with an aspiration to positively uplift and inspire those we interact with

What does conscious leadership have to do with running a successful, profitable business like E-Nor?


Some may wonder why this post is not about a data strategy, or Adobe Migration or ML as E-Nor’s blog – formerly known as Ambient & Transparent our longtime friends may recall 🙂 – is full of deep technical expertise and analytics thought leadership. I’ll address the interconnection in another post as we explore the breadth and depth of the conscious leadership impact.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a gem to contemplate – conscious leadership is dependent upon a willingness to transform, individually, as a company, in the communities we serve and at a global level. Are we willing to transform?


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