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Cardinal Path is helping marketers to turn the challenges of a complex digital ecosystem into competitive advantage with a set of solutions that are proven to deliver value and elevate an organization’s digital maturity.

“Marketers often look to us to provide recommendations around what projects or initiatives they can undertake that will really add value to their business. It’s a noisy space we’re in, with lots of ways to spend budgets, and not everything provides the same – if any – ROI.  It can be tough to figure out how to collect, analyze, and ultimately action their data and insights for a measurable improvement,” says David Booth, Chief Commercial Officer, Cardinal Path.

“By working across a diverse range of clients and industry sectors, we have a unique lens into the challenges of enterprise marketing teams,” says Booth.

The Marketing Analytics Buyer’s Guide puts forth a carefully curated list of approaches that have led to significant lift for Cardinal Path’s Fortune 1000 client organizations.

The guide comprises the following nine solutions:

Purchase Intent Analysis – identify online behaviors and actions most likely to lead to any on- or offline purchase.

Forecasting – leveraging data science techniques applied to past datasets to predict future outcomes

Analytics Audit – review and audit of core digital measurement tools against best practices to form a robust foundation for every digital strategy

Content Attribution – understand and quantify how specific types and pieces of content influence your customers and prospects

Budget Optimization – model and understand optimal budget allocations across an ever growing set of channels

Testing & Personalization – Test different content with different audiences and personalize digital experiences

Dashboards – Automate and provide multi-sourced reporting to decision makers across the organization for accessible and actionable data & insights

SEO Audit – Uncover opportunities to  boost organic exposure and measure its impact against business goals

Digital Navigator – Put in place a strategy and capabilities framework around the complicated Martech landscape with a custom 18-month digital roadmap


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