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The Google Website Optimization seminar in October 2009 featured a t-shirt giveaway depicting “The Anti HiPPO”: a hippo head in a universal “NO” symbol. We attended the seminar in order to touch up our GAACiness and WOACness and being that we also have a hippo as a logo, felt that the t-shirt fell into a special kind swag category.

“What is this?” we demanded of Trevor Claiborne, “What are you doing? You're killing our brand here!”

“What? Oh this has nothing to do with you guys,” he said, “we're referencing the Highest Paid Person's Opinion. That's why our hippo wears a business suit, while yours wears a tutu.”


Thanks Trevor.

Playing with this theme, and his animation kit, Brian T decided that it was time for cold blue revenge. So alright Trevor, this one's for you.

Video after the link…

For those in the audience not familiar with the Google roster, here's your cast:

Matt Cutts as The Patron
Avinash Kaushik as The Bartender

and the VKI Hippo as the VKI Hippo (not the HiPPO)

Without further ado: (if it doesnt load click here)