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Google has added yet another feature to AdWords that is sure to draw searchers attention to your ads and steer them to the most appropriate page on your site to drive conversions.  Ad Sitelinks is currently in beta and enhances your search network text ads by adding up to four additional landing pages, that you set up, below your text ads.


The addition of four more landing page options to an ad, for a total of 5 including the headline, allows the advertiser to make specific website information more readily available to searchers.  Think of the possibilities when it comes to seasonal and promotional offers.  When users can select a landing page that most closely matches their interests and needs the opportunity for a conversion increases as does your click through rate.

It is not just any ad that will qualify for Ad Sitelinks however.  Your ad must be in the first position of the top paid results and the CTR must be substantially higher than any other ad on the page.  Branded search terms are most likely to meet these requirements.

Without much extra work or changing your ads or keywords you can set up to 10 pages to show, of which the AdWords system will select four when they are relevant to the user’s search.

By differentiating your ad from all the others and giving searchers more options that more closely match their exact needs (not to mention a set up that takes only minutes) Ad Sitelinks should not be overlooked in your AdWords strategy.