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This hit me like a splash of cold water. Stéphane Hamel – known to most analysts as the creator of WASP, gaAddons, the Online Analytics Maturity Model, the founder of the Web Analytics firm Immeria, and treasurer of the Web Analytics Association – has joined Cardinal Path as Director of Strategic Services.

What does Director of Strategic Services mean? From the press release:

In his new role at Cardinal Path, Stephane will create innovative company-wide solutions and digital measurement strategies to deliver maximum value and insight for Cardinal Path clients.

In other words, he’s making decisions that will make us more effective at making big companies more effective at making money. Nice.

For those who don’t know Stéphane, he has some fancy credentials including an MBA specializing in eBusiness from Laval University (Québec City), he was the first to receive the title ‘CWA’ as a Web Analytics Association-certified web analyst and was awarded the WAALTER Award for Leadership and Technical Excellence from the Web Analytics Association. He’s also a speaker at numerous conferences and teaches courses on web analytics at both Université Laval and University of British Columbia.

You can see Stéphane’s post on joining Cardinal Path at his blog.

Exciting times ahead for Cardinal Path.