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In our last post we dove into the various views available in your Google Analytics reports.  Let’s look around a bit more and talk tabs. On the left, just above the data table you will see some tabs.  If you are not tracking goal conversions (although everyone should be tracking goals), you’ll be seeing lots of zeros on this tab, and if you’re not using ecommerce keep in mind that you will only see the default goal and site usage tabs. Your Site Usage tab (above) is going to give you a breakdown of visits, average time on site and the like for each report you are viewing (browser, search engine, etc.).  But don’t stop there, drill down, view alternate dimensions, gain new insights. Your Goal Conversion tab (below) will give you the details of how your goals performed based on the report and dimensions you are viewing. The last tab is the Ecommerce tab.  If you have ecommerce on your site and you are tracking it through Google Analytics this tab will give you plenty of information such as revenue, transactions and ecommerce conversion rates.  Once again, remember to drill down for additional insights. Up Next: Specific Reports – Filters


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