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You can gather endless amounts of data from Google Analytics.  But if it never gets into the hands of the people who can analyze it and take action, it is essentially useless.  The value of that data increases once it is shared with your organization.  Google Analytics gives you three ways to share reports; direct access to GA, exporting reports and emailing reports.

Today we will touch on direct access.

Different people in your organization will need different information depending on their role.  Marketing, finance, sales, executives, and IT are all likely to want to see different data.  If you want everyone to navigate GA on their own and review the data as needed use the User Manager to set them each up with direct access.  It can be accessed from the setting screen of your account.

There are two access levels; account administrator and view reports only (user) and they only require a few clicks to set up.  Administrator accounts have access to all configurations and profiles.  Use this one sparingly.  Give someone view reports only access to control which profiles they have access to and limit their ability to make changes.

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