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Google Analytics offers several ways to select your report date ranges.  By default the date range is set to the last 30 days worth of data (starting with yesterday and going back 30 days – the current day is excluded so as not to skew data).  But in many case you will want to change that.  Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 give you lots of choices.  Maybe to the current day, the last week, the last 6 months…you get the point.  Here are your options for selecting date ranges.

1) Stick with the 30 day default.

2) Select an entire calendar month.
Just click on the month name.  To select months beyond the current three month view use the arrows to the left and right.

3) Select an entire week (Monday – Sunday).
Click the half moon to the left of the week you wish to view.

4) Select a range of days.
Click the first and last date in the range you wish to view.

5) If you prefer, you can also use the timeline slider option to pick your date range.  Click the timeline tab next to the calendar tab and adjust the date range window by sliding it to the left and right so that the range you want is within the window.

6) Finally you have the option to compare date ranges.  Select the “Compare to Past” box and then use any of the methods above to set the date ranges for comparison.  Your graph will show both sets of data for easy comparison.