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So GA v5 is now public for everyone, and I encourage you to grab our guide on the V5 interface and start playing with all the new features and options. There are a lot of new features, some really smart changes and some that make me whine whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy. So it goes, no redesign  is ever perfect, I guess. Still, two steps forward, one step back.

This week we have posts on measuring SEO performance, Seminars for Success in Canada, and the pros and cons of A/B and Multivariate testing.


  • We start this lazy week with… Avinash Kaushik!? Yeah, Avinash has 11 digital marketing crimes against humanity which are surprisingly development oriented. Stuff like gratuitous use of flash, not having a mobile site (err… uhh… yeah…) etc. Stuff that will affect your online marketing across the board.
  • Another odd one for our ‘create’ section: from SEO by the Sea, what is website quality? In his classic citation rich style, he explains how site quality is measured by search engines and the like.



  • Beyond Web Analytics has an interview with Justin Cutroni discussing, amidst other things, the merger of Webshare, PublicInsite and VKI Studios into Cardinal Path.
  • Ok, I’m cheating, I’ll admit. We have a post on how Google has started up Seminars for Success in Canada with Cardinal Path teaching the Vancovuer/Victoria courses. Come out, it’ll be great.


  • Six Revisions has a series of effective communication tips for web designers. Basic, but good stuff about reactive design, optimizing content and more.
  • Wider Funnel has some A/B split vs. Multivariate pros and cons, and some of them are really good, but all you really need is the following:
    “For Conversion Optimization, should I run an A/B Test or a Multivariate Test?”
    The short answer is: “Yes”!


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