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A reminder for you tech savvy Vancouverites who are looking to learn a little more about Google Adwords or Google Analytics, the official, Google Sponsored, Seminars For Success are coming up next Monday, and this is your last chance to buy tickets.

Courses include:

Analytics 101: Overview

An overview of Google Analytics, giving you a solid foundation for understanding how Google Analytics works.

Analytics 201: Analysis

Understanding what ads are working is crucial to success. This course gives you the knowledge and experience you need to analyze data, and the foundations for optimizing your site with Google Website Optimizer.

Analytics 301: Implementation & Advanced Topics

This course features a strong focus on advanced features, implementation and dealing with special circumstances, as well as advanced testing techniques – to make sure that you don’t just know what’s wrong, but you know what will fix it.

Adwords 101: Overview

Understand how adwords fits in to your online advertising campaign, how identify good keywords, get tips on writing ads and more.

Adwords 201: Overview

Get advanced tips on how to optimize ads, fine-tune placement, and manage your account with tools like the Adwords Editor and API, as well as advanced techniques like demographic bidding, ad extensions and more.

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