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You may find it useful to segment your Google Analytics data by medium at the profile level. Reasons for this include that there are quite a few reports where you cannot segment at all, and being interested in analyzing the behaviour of only one type of visitor such as organic or ppc visitors.

If this sort of segmentation strikes your curiosity, please follow these steps:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, click on “Filter Manager”.
  2. Click on “Add Filter”.
  3. Filter name can be something like “Data Filter – Organic”.
  4. Filter type is Custom Filter”, and the selected option must be “Include Filter”.
  5. The filter field will be “Campaign Medium”.
  6. Filter pattern can be any of the default mediums in Google Analytics, such as organic, cpc, and referral, or custom mediums such as banner, e-mail, and ppc.
  7. Case sensitive should be set to “No”.
  8. Do not apply these filters to any listed profiles.
  9. Hit “Save Changes”.
  10. Repeat steps 2-9 if you want to create any other medium segmentation filters.
  11. Go back to the main screen of your Google Analytics account.
  12. Click on “Add Website Profile”.
  13. Choose “Add a Profile for an existing domain”
  14. Select your domain from the dropdown (normally there should only be one).
  15. Give the profile a name like Organic, PPC, or Referral.
  16. Back on the main screen of your Google Analytics account, edit your old profile in one window and your new profile in another window.
  17. Copy and paste your profile information, goals, and user access settings from the old profile to the new profile.
  18. In the “Filters Applied to Profile” section of the new profile, click on “Add Filter”, then select “Apply existing Filter to Profile”.
  19. Select the appropriate new filter for this new profile and any IP address filters you might have already applied to your old profile, then click on “Add”.
  20. Hit “Finish” and your new medium segmentation profile is ready!
  21. Repeat steps 11 – 20 if you made several medium segmentation filters.

There is also a way to segment direct visitors at the profile level. Other interesting profiles include a PPC Keywords profile to help you generate negative keywords and an E-commerce keywords profile to match order numbers with traffic sources and keywords.

For information on any of these filters or analyzing Google Analytics data, please contact us and we will make arrangements to help you.