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Recently I received a list of questions that some people have been sending in regarding tools that we use here. I decided that the blog would be a good place to answer them, just in case anybody else can also benefit from the answers. Here we go!

  • What is the best keyword research tool? I.e. Wordtracker, Niechebot, etc…

Wordtracker is a popular tool that many people still use, including myself. Another one that has not been updated lately is the Overture Inventory Tool. If you are looking for keywords that might have obvious seasonal trends, I have to suggest that you avoid the Overture Inventory Tool as their database may be a bit outdated and not show you the real information for the present time.

  • What are the best methods on locating lesser used keywords or keywords with an increasing search trend that I can target?

One method for finding some keywords is to check your website analytics. Sometimes you might be surprised by some of the terms people are using to find your site and this provides some great insight into the long tail of search. In addition to this, sometimes a search for a term on Yahoo will reveal a list of other suggested searches that are common to the one you just did.

  • What is a good program I can use to spider the site and check links to find and report dead/bad links?

There is a tool that I like to use called Xenu Link Sleuth. It is easy to use and is a program that I can recommend.

  • Is there a program or method to search the web for duplicate content and copied content from your site appearing on other domains?

One way of doing this is to search on Google or any other search engine for exact text that appears on your website. Your website should be the only one that appears with an exact match. Another way is to use Copyscape, which will search for copies of your pages.

  • What are some utilities for finding reciprocal link partners, i.e. Arelis? Is this even a good idea anymore?

Reciprocal link tools are no substitute for actually going out and seeking link partners by hand. The qualities of the links created by a tool are vastly inferior to the links that you could develop.

This concludes the first half of my Q&A. Hopefully this provides those of you with these questions some helpful tips and tools to use.

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