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It’s the start of a fresh new year and for many organizations this means new budgets, renewed focus, and a commitment to grow the business in a way that is meaningful to its stakeholders.

Cardinal Path is no different. We’re regrouping this January with an aim to make this a year of unprecedented success for our clients and continue to grow our business in this lightning-fast-paced industry while staying true to our Purpose – to be our partner’s competitive advantage.

I’m looking forward to our teams working on advanced analytics deployments, cutting-edge data science and programmatic media planning and buying – areas that hold a ton of potential for our clients. This is the year for laser-focused marketing efforts with measured results and more predictable outcomes. And with data at the center of it all, we’ll continue to lead the charge in helping organizations get their data right. Data is the foundation of your competitive advantage in this digital era. If you can’t trust your data, what can you trust?

And while you’re finalizing resolutions, the eBook, A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Priorities for 2015, is filled with sound guidance from some of our industry’s top minds on where to focus your resources for the biggest impact this year, including:

  • Data Collections Do’s and Don’ts by Justin Cutroni, Google
  • The Right Talent to Drive Your Data Analytics Strategy by Ginger Conlon, Direct Marketing News
  • Activating Attribution Models in Your Marketing by Kevin Murphy, Forever 21
  • Data Visualization by Stephane Hamel, Cardinal Path
  • Cultural Transformation in the Age of Data by Brian Harris, Western Union Business Solutions

Download the eBook and learn more about getting your data right, attribution modeling, governance, talent, dashboards, and more.

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Here’s to a data-driven New Year! Wishing you all health, success, and happiness.




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