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Sound project management practices, frameworks, and policies can help any organization operate more efficiently. At Cardinal Path, our client work is the single most important part of our business. Along with analysis and insights, our clients also expect top-notch project management and a solid and mutually beneficial professional relationship. Sound project management practices can increase speed to implementation of recommendations, streamline problem solving and build trust.

Here are a few key sample areas that take the client relationship to the next level outside of our foundational project management tools and resources (such as budget trackers, status sheets, project plans etc.)

1) Creating project structure

  • For large projects, dividing the project into portfolios and assigning subject matter experts
  • Clearly defining lines of communication and accountability


  • High quality deliverables
  • Consistency
  • Valuable relationships
  • Structure

2) Define and document deliverable processes

  • For repeatable deliverables, document the delivery process from beginning to end
  • Agreement and alignment of scope and expectations for the project team as well as our clients


  • Improved deliverable quality
  • Higher delivery efficiency and consistency

3) Define and execute a deliverable strategy

  • Create a curation document which houses all deliverable recommendations and findings
  • All subject matter experts are responsible to keep this up to date on a weekly basis


  • Consolidation and curation of all projects delivered to date
  • Gives our clients an executive level view of year
  • Acts as a reference document for testing plans
  • Helps with future planning of similar projects

When properly managed, top notch project management practices can help transform narrow funnels into high-capacity pipelines. In addition, it makes our clients and teammates feel like they are our most important assets, and rightly so, because they are.