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Avinash once said, “It [Web analytics] cannot, no matter how much you torture the data, tell you WHY something happened.” If you want to get a stronger signal about your customer intent and answer the “whys”, you need to listen to Duff in this webinar. As SVP and Co-founder of iPerceptions, Duff Anderson brings over 20 of experience in the Voice of Customer (VoC) research and insights. Many marketers and analysts can easily set up survey, but are uncertain on how to ask for feedback and what they should ask.

In this webinar and in his contribution to the Google Analytics Breakthrough book (page 552), Duff highlights the power of integrating quantitative data (from Google Analytics) and qualitative data (from iPerceptions) to better understand visitor intent, improve visitor satisfaction, and optimize task completion. In addition, Duff covered iPerceptions’s Active Recognition, a technology that leverages big data and machine learning to recognize intent and identify behavioral patterns and audiences that can later be integrated with Google Analytics (and other systems such as DMPs, DoubleClick, etc). Great stuff – hope you take a listen!