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Last week we went over how the Bounce Rate and Landing Pages reports in order to show you how to understand your content performance. This week, we’re going to look at your audience language, mobile audience, connection speeds, and browser settings in order to show you how to fine tune your PPC campaign.

Audience Language Research

Are you using multiple languages on your website? How are these languages converting? Before setting up your PPC campaign to target a number of different languages you may want to figgure this out. If you notice that one language converts well and another doesn’t convert at all, then you may want to hold off on your PPC campaigns for this language until you can understand why this is happening and make the appropriate changes. You can also use this information for budget allocation, apply a higher budget for the languages that send higher amounts of larger amounts of traffic and higher conversion rates.


Many companies aren’t taking advantage of their ability to specifically target mobile audiences. With faster connections and better screens, the amount of people surfing the web on their mobile devices is increasing every year. Because so many people are using their phones to go online, maybe it’s time to take a look at how you can incorporate mobile into your current PPC campaigns. Before moving forward with this, it would be beneficial to gain some insights how mobile is currently working within the site. This will help you to understand how much time and budget should be allocated towards it.

Review current mobile audience

  • Understand how they interact with the website
    • Volume
    • Bounce rate
    • Conversion rates
  • Make informed decisions on if and how they should be targeted
  • Determine whether specific devices should be targeted
  • Determine how resources should be allocated towards landing pages

Use analysis results to setup AdWords campaign settings

Connection Speed

Gain an understanding as to what the connection speed is of users coming to your website. This may have larger implications if you’re targeting campaigns in a large number of different countries. Determine how heavy or light you can afford your page file size to be. When in doubt, make your pages as light as possible as Google has been stressing faster load times to help enhance the user experience.

Browser Settings

Gain an understanding of the browser setting that people are using who are coming to the website. This will allow you to understand page size that you should be using and give you an indication of where to place the call to action.

  • Use suitable page width on landing pages
  • Test landing pages in browsers popular within your audience
  • Place call to action above the fold


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