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Big news today. Google has updated with its big anti-spam update, and everyone’s freaking out. The CRTC rulling in Canada has forced ISPs such as TekSavvy to drop their allowed bandwidth limit to 25 gigs. But all this is dwarfed by the Middle East and the protests popping up across the area.

But hey, you’re going to read all that at home, right? So instead of talking about all that, we’ve got out of control spam on Google, PCI compliance, and the Google data Export API.

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  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • The latest Edelman Trust Barometer is out, noting that that people are trusting their friends less than they used to. Interesting stuff, though when you start to consider their methodology and what they’re asking, the meaningfulness of it drops.
  • A month has gone by since New Years, so how well have you stuck to your resolutions? Psyblog has some simple techniques for making sure you commit to your goals.