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Last week we talked about using Google Analytics to do some early keyword research. This week, we’re going to look at how to understand the performance of keywords.

Understanding which keywords generate high and low profit margins will allow you to set keyword Cost-Per-Click levels and help to you understand where to distribute your budget. This kind of information can be essential to getting your campaigns off on the right track and help profitability from the start of the project. Knowing the keywords that have high profit margins will help you establish your priorities when constructing your campaigns.

Keyword Performance

Review product/service performance

  • Identify high traffic products/services
  • Identify top selling products /services by volume and revenue
    • Gain insights into budget distribution across campaigns and bids
    • Gain insights into keyword priorities

1. For E-commerce websites

Export data to a spreadsheet for additional analysis

Use second dimension to get more insights

2. For Non-Ecommerce websites


Use Pivot View in report to get more detailed information. Scroll to view hidden columns.

Come back next week and when will we look at measuring content performance.