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In this edition of PPC Pre-Campaign Research with Google Analytics, we’re looking at the Bounce Rate report and the Landing pages report. These two reports should help you understand what your users are looking for, tell you what pages pages to point your ads at, and give you come ideas on how to design any custom landing pages.

Bounce rate

Bounce rates offer an indication as to whether the user is finding what they’re looking for. Review your list of keywords to identify which are showing high bounce rates. These may be keywords which may be relevant to your product, but could also be used to trigger ads for something unrelated. Be sure to make sure that you are providing clear messaging within ad text and pay special attention to Match Types and Negatives within campaigns containing these keywords.

Review product/service pages with high organic bounce rates

  • Learn why this might be happening
  • Focus on clear ad messaging for these product/service specific keywords

Landing Pages

1. Review which landing pages are the websites top performers

Are you building specific landing pages for your PPC campaign? Have a look at your top converting pages and analyze them to understand why they are performing so well. You can then use this information to help you construct landing specific landing pages for your PPC campaign.

2. Review which supporting pages consumers navigate to

Understand what secondary pages users are navigating to and then try to incorporate this content onto your landing page.

For your PPC landing pages you want to give them all the information that they need so they aren’t navigating to other areas of the website

Stay tuned next week for part 4: Knowing Your Audience


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