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If you’re interested in learning a bit about persuasive web design – but don’t have the time to read a pile of books – I’ve got a suggestion for you: Check out the animated video below.

Produced by Dr. Susan Weinschenk of Human Factors International, this is a fun and engaging 5-minute introduction to persuasive web design.

Dr Weinshcenk only discusses 7 principles. Of course, there is much more ground to cover. So if you’d care to explore additional persuasion tactics, take a look at my “online persuasion” series of blog posts. But for a quick introduction, there’s lots of great stuff in this 5-minute animation. Enjoy!


State of Digital Marketing Analytics

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing Analytics examines the marketing technology that supports the world's most successful enterprises and highlights the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal..