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BigQuery for Big Data

BigQuery is a game-changer for enterprises that are trying to figure out how to put their vast data to good business use, thanks to its ability to export huge quantities of raw data into Google’s cloud computing infrastructure and to act on it.  A recent Cardinal Path  webinar provided an introduction to BigQuery, gave some real-world examples, and got people thinking about the ways they can use this powerful tool in their organizations.  You can now view the webinar on demand: Using BigQuery to Unlock Business Potential within Enterprise Data.

Watch the BigQuery webinar on demand


BigQuery lets organizations join all their data sets (web analytics, CRM, marketing automation systems, eCommerce data, etc) and run queries on them using Google’s powerful, pay-per-use infrastructure.

BigQuery in Google cloud architecture


Some of our clients and early adopters of BigQuery have used it to gain greater understanding of their own customers across various devices and channels, to replace their own costly data storage facilities, or to power the dashboards that they use to make important business decisions.  For example, an online travel booking retailer decided to use BigQuery as their central company database complete with staging and production tables.  They push 180TB of queries per month through BigQuery to aggregate and reduce data down to usable size for consumption across their organization.  Another example: a major European online retailer is considering using BigQuery as a central store which will tie together eCommerce and other data to identify and segment their customers, better identify the right inventory pieces to be included in their assortment, and to report more effectively on their business.

Our webinar summarized BigQuery’s features and its place within the digital analytics pipeline, gave an overview of changes to BigQuery over the last twelve months, and went over several interesting BigQuery use-cases from our clients.

Want to learn more about BigQuery?  Be sure to check out our BigQuery Bootcamp on August 26th. If you’d like to speak with us about your digital analytics goals and needs, please contact us.